Setting The World Alight: Firefly Unveiled

...and here is the finished article

Ok, so maybe I’ve gone a bit over the top with the headline, plus I’m a little bit behind the times with this one, but never mind. Earlier this year I wrote about a special electric car that was being developed for 5-10 year olds to prepare them for driving in the real world.

The ‘car’ has now been unveiled and sadly it’s not quite as cool as the original sketches made it out to be. It is purely British made though and it’s the brainchild of Young Motor Cars Ltd, one of the arms of Young Driver, a business that offers driving lessons to those aged under 17 years old.

This is not a toy

This may look like for for sort of thing you’d buy children for Christmas but this is a serious bit of kit – the Firefly features independent suspension as well as hydraulic disc brakes. Power is supplied from twin 12v batteries which offer a top speed of 10mph. The speed can be limited to 5mph when used in the ‘Junior’ mode to help younger children get to grips with the Firefly.


​​Other equipment includes lD headlights and taillights, an adjustable driver’s seat and a fixed passenger seat. The Junior mode also has unique and patented safety system to avoid collisions and the car can even be remotely controlled up to 120m away. Adults of up to 6ft can also ride as passenger – or drive – should they see fit.


​​Now the Firefly is a finished product, Young Driver can now set about offering tailor-made lessons for its younger age groups at selected venues in the UK. The price for these lessons will cost £19.95 which will be for 20 minutes. The Firefly may have been produced for Young Driver but anyone can go out a buy a model for themselves worldwide from 2017 at a price of £5,750+VAT.



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