Zenos Gives The E10S Performance Upgrade

Zenos E10S Upgrade

Lightweight sportscar firm Zenos Cars has announced a new upgrade kit for the E10S that is available now for a price of £1,995.

What does it offer?

Well I’l go in to details about the new parts but let’s start with the stuff you really care about – the performance figures. The standard E10S is able to boast a power output of 250bhp but thanks to engine remapping from SCS 280bhp and improved 420Nm of torque is on offer from the upgrade.

The standard E10S is by no means a slouch – I can fully testify that! – but with the upgrade it’ll be able to deliver peak power 500 rpm earlier which should improve the 0-60 time. As well as engine remapping, the E10S upgrade kit treats the car with a new air intake and a modified intercooler to give better performance.

What does the boss think?

Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Zenos Cars, said: “Since its launch in January 2015, the E10 S has firmly established itself as Zenos’s most popular model. In response to requests from customers, we’ve developed this upgrade kit to give them more of what makes the E10 S great to drive. We’ve already demonstrated that the innovative hybrid chassis of the E10 series is able to comfortably accommodate the extra power and torque, so the heightened performance is still matched to exceptional balance and poise.”

Simon Hill, Director of SCS (Specialist Control Systems), added: “SCS was delighted to be involved in the creation of this upgrade kit. As the supplier of all the ECUs used across the Zenos range, we were able to combine our vast automotive expertise and our familiarity with the product to produce a truly optimised solution that works in total harmony with the upgraded EcoBoost engine. While power and torque have both been increased, the upgrade kit also ensures the E10 S retains its flexibility and drivability, which are so integral to the usable and accessible character of the car.”

As mentioned the upgrade kit is available now at a price of £1,995 which comes with a 1 year warranty but does not include fitting.


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