Weekend Window Shopping: BMW Z1


A bit of a late one this week, I’ve spent most of my weekend in a classic MG Midget as I took part in the MG South Downs Run. The article for that will be coming in due course – when I get the time to bloody write it! Anyway, back on topic, WWS. This week features a rather unique car, one of which you may never see again – the BMW Z1.

​​This is a very quirky car that is best known for having doors that don’t open how you’d expect them too. No, they’re not suicide, gullwing, scissor or sliding – they are in fact retractable. They electronically retract meaning it’s easier to get in when the car is parked in a tight space plus it’s something fun to boast about at the pub. They’re rare too, in all my life I’ve only seen one on the road and that was only the other day.

​​The car can in fact be operated with the doors up or the doors down although you’ll need to have the doors up by law if you were to ever venture in to the US. However, the doors may not be the first thing your eyes will be drawn to thanks to the rather garish mint coloured body work. This bright BMW roadster is up for sale by Unique Prestige for a price of £30,995.

​​Power comes from a 2.5 litre engine which produces 170bhp which is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. 0-60 comes in 8.0 seconds and the top speed is 140mph. Other features include a custom hand-stitched interior, 17″ custom alloy wheels and upgraded Kenwood stereo system.

For more details of this bonkers car head to Auto Trader or Unique Prestige.


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