Wings And Wheels: Another Great Year

Wings and Wheels
The gateway in to motoring/aviation heaven

So it’s getting towards the end of August so that means one thing, well two things if you include the return of the football season. The other thing is an event called Wings and Wheels which takes place at Dunsfold Aerodrome A.K.A. the Top Gear test track.

What is the event?

Well as you may have guessed from the name, the event is a showcase everything that is great about aviation and motoring. I got introduced to this event three years ago I believe by my friend James who attends airshows around the country. I’ll be honest, I’m not THAT big in to planes but I was sold when he said there will be cars there.

It runs over two days towards the end of August and the day is made up of air displays and moving car displays. There is so much more though – there are stunt displays, plenty of static cars to drool over as well as plenty of stalls. There are two air displays throughout the day – one late morning/early afternoon and the second flies later in the afternoon.

In between the air displays a selection of cars take to the famous Top Gear tarmac and they can be then seen in the motoring paddock afterwards so you get to see them up close. The second air display may finish around 5pm or so but there is still plenty to see afterwards – there is live music in the evening so there is no need to rush out.

Whilst there I took part in a passenger ride offered by Mission Motorsport, a charity that supports wounded ex-service men and women through the medium of motorsport. I got speaking to a chap from the charity called Andy who told me his journey which left me with a lump in my throat and before I knew it, I was put in a MX-5 with Lionel who took me for a spin. Literally.

​​Where is it?

Dunsfold Aerodrome in the heart of Surrey, I used the postcode GU6 8HY in my sat nav and that worked well. Once you get close there are plenty of signs to guide you so there should be no problem finding the right way in.

When is it?

The first day was today but you can still get involved – the second and last day takes place tomorrow and the gates open at 9am.

How much is it?

Normally you can buy tickets in advance but as the second day kicks off tomorrow you’ll too late for that I’m afraid. Don’t worry, you can still go though, it will just means the tickets will be a little bit dearer. Adult prices are £28, children go for £7, concessions go for £25 and family tickets are priced at £60.

Should I go?

Yes. If you love cars or you love planes – or both – then this is an event you cannot miss. For more details go to


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