How To Save Endangered Cars 101

Endangered Cars

A while ago I wrote about classic British cars that on their way to extinction. The information was compiled by ClassicLine Insurance, a company as you’ve guessed, insures classic cars. The Midlands-based firm has now give some tips on how to protect endangered cars.

  1. Buy one. Quite simple really, but if you want to keep classic British cars on the road then why not put your money where your mouth is and buy one? I can’t imagine many people who dream of a Morris Ital but if you happen to be one of them then now is as good a time as any.
  1. Join a car club. Once you have dream wheels it’ll be a good idea to find a club of like-minded people. You may struggle with the Ital though as there are only 35 models left in the whole of UK. That could be difficult unless you all live in the same county which is unlikely. On the plus side ClassicLine is able to offer discounts to many car clubs so that is definitely something to consider.
  1. Store the car correctly. This may sound like a simple one but it could prove vital if you want it to last in the long term. A lot of classic cars are fragile and need to be treated with TLC – simply leaving them outside on the street will not be enough to keep them in prime condition. ClassicLine state the best place to store your classic pride and joy is in a dry, airy barn – wood and brick garages are also fine but pre-cast concrete garages as they tend to ‘seat’ in very cold conditions.
  1. Use marque and model specialists. Another one that sounds pretty obvious but once again, vital. When sourcing parts try to use marque and model specialists that will be able to give expert service and advice.
Endangered Cars
The Morris Ital – the rarest British classic car on the road
  1. Petition the government. What, say what now, why? There is a good reason for this – the current tax emption age for cars is 40 years but bringing it down to 30 years may entice more people to buy and own classic cars.
  1. Petition the government. You’ve already said that one. No, no, no – this time ClassicLine has recommended classic car owners petition to encourage schools and colleges to promote the IMI Diploma in Classic Car Restoration.Out of the 22,000 people earning some or all of their living from the classic car industry 43% are 45 years old or more meaning that a large number of the workforce will be retiring or coming up for retirement in the next 20 years.
  1. Use it. ClassicLine are encouraging all classic car owners to get them out the road as seeing the cars in action is a great way to promote them. I’m all for that – too many classic cars are mollycoddled in my opinion and you get a sense that some owners will only take their classic out the garage only if all the planets are aligned.
  1. Insure the car with ClassicLine. You knew there would be a plug at some point didn’t you. In all seriousness though, ClassicLine is able to offer cover starting from ¬£78 for cars such as the Austin Allegro and the Vauxhall Chevette. If you fancy getting a quote for your classic car visit¬†


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