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Toyota Aygo

Good afternoon everyone, sorry for the lack of activity the last few days, it has been a rather busy weekend! Yesterday I was able to lay my hands on Toyota’s budget city car, the Aygo. The model in question is the X-Play which features Bluetooth, air conditioning, electric windows as well as cruise control. All this comes in a 5 door package which costs £10, 495 new.

Not everything is good news in the cabin however. For starters I could not for the life of me find a comfortable driving position. The steering wheel offers only rake adjustment which worsens the problem. I am 6 foot 2 so it is fair to say I am tall so I imagine shorter drivers will have less problems. Despite having the steering wheel set to it’s highest setting the bottom was still rubbing on my thighs and I could not put the seat back further as I wouldn’t have been able to reach the wheel.

Toyota Aygo
Far from a big boot…
Toyota Aygo
The back is best reserved for children and small adults

Space in the back? Well, sitting behind me than it’s almost out of the question unless you are a child or willing to get rather uncomfortable. Having said that space in the back will come as a premium regardless because of the small dimensions of the car. The boot is also rather small so will struggle to get a week’s shop in there.

Toyota Aygo



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