Basil Fawlty Eat Your Heart Out


I’ve never had my car clamped but I think I would be jolly cross if it were. I’m sure you would be too but would you ever dream of smashing your own car up? No, I didn’t think so but that is exactly what a chap did to his Toyota Yaris upon his discovery of the dreaded yellow triangle. In an act that would make even Basil Fawlty proud, he set about to wreck his red hatchback in some deranged bid to get back at the DVLA. The reason for clamping was that he had no tax so it’s not like DVLA were doing it out of spite, although you would have thought they did, judging by this reaction!

The chap, with his colourful jacket and language to match starts by saying “So I comes home today to find out the DVLA has went and put me a f****** nice big wheel clamp on the front of my motor.” He then continues, “They should have sent me a tax reminder at the end of the day. They want me to pay money to get this scrapheap out, let me show you what I do with scrapheaps.” The man pulls out a knife before slashing the car’s tyres. He then walks back around the car and enters the cabin before slashing at the upholstery on the driver’s seat.

He finishes by ripping off the windscreen wipers and then lifting up the bonnet. He picks up a sledgehammer before his final flourish by taking it to the poor Japanese hatchback’s front end. The ‘gentleman’ finishes by saying that “Solve that DVLA”. Well that certainly showed them Mr Idiot.

For those who want to see this maniac in action you can see the video here:


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