How To Track Your Car Remotely: A Complete Guide


In the current digital era, technological advancement has revolutionized various aspects of our daily lives, including how we track and protect our vehicles. With the advent of GPS technology, tracking a car has become effortless and efficient. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how you can remotely track your car using different methods, apps, and devices.

Understanding GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking uses Global Positioning System technology to accurately locate and track vehicles in real time. Utilizing this technology, you can monitor a vehicle’s movements, speed, and other relevant data. GPS tracking can be beneficial for various reasons, from finding a parked car to monitoring teen drivers and even tracking a stolen vehicle.

Different Types of GPS Vehicle Tracking

Online GPS Tracking Services

Online GPS tracking services use web-based platforms or software applications to monitor vehicles. These services are typically subscription-based and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. The tracking details are usually displayed on a map interface, allowing users to view live vehicle locations, speed, and other relevant data. Online GPS tracking services offer numerous unique features like geofencing, alerts, historical data analysis, and reporting.

Dedicated GPS Tracking Devices

Dedicated GPS tracking devices are designed specifically for tracking vehicles. These devices are installed in the vehicle and connected to an online platform or mobile app. They provide real-time tracking data, including the vehicle’s location, speed, and direction. Some devices also offer additional features like geofencing and alerts for specific events, such as when the vehicle leaves a predefined area.

Smartphone-Based GPS Tracking

Smartphone-based GPS tracking utilizes the GPS capabilities of smartphones to track and monitor vehicles. Users install a tracker application on their smartphone, which uses the phone’s GPS receiver to obtain location information. This data is then transmitted to a server or cloud-based platform for visualization. Smartphone-based GPS tracking often offers features similar to online GPS tracking services, including real-time tracking, geofencing, and alerts.

How to Track a Car with GPS for Free?

Tracking a car with GPS doesn’t necessarily require a financial investment. There are several methods and tools available that allow you to track a car with GPS for free.

Using Built-In GPS Tracking

Many modern cars come with pre-installed GPS trackers. These trackers not only assist with navigation but also allow you to monitor the car’s location. Many of these cars also have built-in connectivity features, enabling you to track your vehicle from your phone.

Using AirDroid Cell Phone Location Tracker

AirDroid Cell Phone Location Tracker is another free tool for tracking your car with GPS. By installing its companion app on an old phone and placing it in your car, you can monitor the car’s location and surroundings.

Google Maps’s Save Parking Feature

Google Maps offers a native “Save Parking” feature that can help you remember where you parked your car. By marking your parking location on the map, you can quickly navigate back to your vehicle when you’re ready to leave.

SpotAngels App

SpotAngels is a free app designed to help users find parking in busy areas. In addition to helping you find parking, SpotAngels also tracks your car’s location, helping you locate it when it’s time to leave.

Track Car with OnStar

OnStar is a comprehensive vehicle tracking and assistance system that provides real-time tracking and location updates. Once you enroll in the OnStar service, you can access various features, including stolen vehicle assistance, remote vehicle diagnostics, and emergency services.

Using GPS Devices for Tracking

If you’re willing to make a small investment, you can purchase a GPS device for tracking your car. These devices provide real-time tracking data and often come with an accompanying mobile app, allowing you to monitor your car’s location from your phone. You can compare GPS trackers on

Recommended GPS Trackers for Car with No Monthly Fee

There are numerous GPS trackers available on the market, some of which require no or minimal fees. Here are a few recommended options:

4.1 Family1st Portable GPS Tracker

The Family1st Portable GPS Tracker is a compact and portable gps tracker that offers features like geofencing, speed alerts, and location history. It comes with real-time tracking and has a no-monthly fee option.

4.2 CUBE GPS Tracker for Vehicles

The CUBE GPS Tracker is designed for vehicles and offers real-time location updates using GPS and GSM technology. It provides features such as geofencing, speed alerts, and trip history.

4.3 LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is a compact, portable tracking device suitable for various tracking needs. It offers real-time tracking and location updates and is known for its durability and long battery life.

Reasons for Tracking a Vehicle with GPS

Tracking a vehicle with GPS can be beneficial for several reasons:

Find Your Parked Car

GPS tracking can help you quickly locate your parked car, especially in crowded parking lots or unfamiliar areas.

Monitoring Teen Drivers

For parents, GPS tracking allows them to monitor their teen drivers’ whereabouts and driving behaviors, promoting safety and responsible driving habits.

Tracking Stolen Vehicles

In the unfortunate event of vehicle theft, GPS tracking systems can play a crucial role in recovering the stolen vehicle.

Tracking a Stolen Car by License Plate or VIN Number

While tracking a stolen car using its license plate or VIN number can be challenging, there are several strategies that can help, including reporting the theft to the police, checking parking violation databases, and obtaining CCTV footage.

Why GPS Technology Is Common in Vehicle Tracking

GPS technology is a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective method for tracking vehicles. It works anywhere in the world, unaffected by weather or other environmental conditions, making it ideal for tracking vehicles that travel long distances or operate in remote areas.

Using Smartphone Apps to Find Your Car

Various smartphone apps can help you find your parked car. These include Google Maps and Apple Maps, as well as third-party apps like Parked Car Locator, Find My Car – GPS Navigation, Find My Car with AR Tracker, and Find Your Car with AR.


GPS tracking provides a convenient and efficient way to track your car, whether you’re trying to find a parked car, monitor a teen driver, or recover a stolen vehicle. With the right tools and methods, you can easily keep track of your car and enhance its security.


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