How To Maximise Your Potential Income As A Cab Driver


Being a cab driver can be an excellent career choice for anyone that loves driving. Driving taxis can be lucrative, but it is vital to know the right ways to maximise your income and reach your potential as a taxi driver. The hours you work and the car you drive will make a big difference to your income, so it is best to choose wisely to get the most out of your vehicle.

Work The Right Hours

You should ensure you work the right hours to maximise the number and regularity of fares that you get. The most popular times tend to be the morning and evening rush hours and Friday and Saturday nights. With ride-sharing apps like Uber, you can make more on the in-demand hours, with prices determined by the number of people and cars available. The Friday and Saturday night passengers can also be excellent tippers, so it is worth trying to fit at least one of these nights in a week for maximum income.

Get A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

The more accessible your vehicle, the more fares you will be able to take. Investing in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is one of the best ways to ensure you increase your fares. You will need a dependable car that is simple to convert for passengers with wheelchairs. The Ford Journey is the perfect model to accommodate wheelchair users, making it a perfect investment. Choose a reputable dealership like Cab Direct for your next vehicle, which will ensure you get the best for your money.

Consider A Luxury Vehicle

Some companies allow customers to pay a premium for their fare to be in a luxury car. This can be an excellent way to make more cash on a typical day’s work. It is best to look for a luxury vehicle that will offer the best in mileage and space so that you can complete regular bookings satisfactorily too. It is also worth determining the demand for luxury vehicles in your area and ensuring the cost of the car will be offset by the increased fares you could take.

Do Airport Transfers

Travellers often choose airport transfers when going on their holidays. It can help make the journey to the airport simpler and easier, reducing stress before they travel. Offering airport transfers can be an excellent way to make good money and ensure that your time is filled – no pesky waiting around for customers to order a fare. You can do airport transfers alongside regular fares or as your main source of income.


Maximising your income is crucial to help you get the most out of your career. You will need to think about how to make the driving experience better for your passengers and what little touches you could include that will make their trip more enjoyable. The type of work you take will also make a big difference, so you should be as diverse as possible when deciding on the fares you’re willing to take.


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