New Fiesta ST Edition: Ford Unleashes Another Special Edition ST

Fiesta ST Edition

Missed out on the Fiesta ST Ford Performance Edition? Fear not, the ST Edition is here!

There’s no doubt that the latest Ford Fiesta ST is indeed a fine hot hatch, although I’m pretty sure the forthcoming Toyota GR Yaris will have something to say about that… Anyway, I’m not here to speak about the GR Yaris – sadly – no, I’m here to speak about the new Ford Fiesta ST Edition, a car that has been unleashed by the Blue Oval today.
Fiesta ST Edition

What is it?

The cynical amongst you could just say this is a carbon copy of the Ford Performance Edition that’s been given the same colour as Garagmel’s enemy – brownie points if you understand that reference – and to a degree, you’d be correct. Like the FPE, the new ST Edition offers three-door only styling exclusive paint (Azura Blue), adjustable coilovers offering a 15mm drop in ride height for the front, and 10mm for the rear, and 18″ flow-formed alloy wheels that save almost 2kg each compared to the standard wheels.
Fiesta ST Edition

So it’s just different paint???

No, no, there are some other changes, although it’s not exactly a massive variance to the you’ve-been-Tango’d Ford Performance Edition – the official colour for that is ‘Deep Orange’, but I prefer my name. The ST Edition offers a dedicated button for the Sport mode on the steering wheel as well as carbon-fibre effect trims for the interior. On top of that, the starter button is now red, if you’re really bothered about such details.
Fiesta ST Edition
Fiesta ST Edition

Is it any faster?

No, it makes use of the same small-but-perfectly-formed 1.5 litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine which produces 200hp with 290Nm of torque. To be honest, that is ample for a car of this size, helping to propel this smurf-on-wheels to 62mph in a respectable 6.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 143mph. The power may be no different, but the ST Edition make use of a Quaife limited slip differential, meaning you can use more of that three-pot power in the corners.

How much is it?

Erm, yeah, about that. The Ford Performance Edition was £26,495, which let’s face it, is not small, and the new car is even more. It’s *clears throat* £27,075. On the plus side, it will be twice as limited in the UK as only 300 will be made available, not 600 like the FPE. Also, unlike the FPE, Ford will offer 200 ST Editions to rest of Europe – wunderbar!
Fiesta ST Edition


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