Brickin’ it: FK8 Honda Civic Type R gets the LEGO treatment

Lego Civic Type R

Building cars out of LEGO isn’t exactly anything new, but normally when you hear these stories, it tends to be a McLaren or a Caterham – well, it does in my experience. This time, however, the Danish toy brand has taken its famous bricks to form what I believe is the best hot hatch money can buy at the moment – the Honda Civic Type R.

1:1 Scale

Don’t think for a moment that this is some novel miniature model. No, this is a FULL-SIZE model, which used over 320,000 bricks to make – 320,000! At this point you’re probably asking, “Blimey, I wonder how long that took?”. You’ll be pleased to know I can answer that – it took over 1,300 hours to build, which is the equivalent of watching Avengers: Endgame a whopping 433 times!
The project was headed up by global expert Ryan McNaught – LEGO® Certified Professional (what a job title!) – and is in aid of the new ‘LEGO® MASTERS’ show airing on Channel Nine from 28th April.
Lego Civic Type R

Mr. McNaught expressed some exciting but technical challenges in building the Type R due to the unique shape and design of the vehicle – elements that attract award recognition worldwide. In case you’re wondering how much it weighs, it’s over 1,300kg, which is roughly the same as the real life car.

“We’ve loved the challenge of this project. The car is shaped with a considerable amount of curved lines, making it a tough but interesting build. From the working lights and indicators to intricate LEGO® Honda logos, the detail on the model has been a fun one for us to work on”, said Ryan McNaught.
Lego Civic Type R
The LEGO® car was built from the ground up, layer by layer, but the elements such as the wipers and the massive rear wing were especially difficult due to the fragility and complexity involved. The impressive build celebrates Honda’s support of the upcoming show LEGO® MASTERS, which will see eight pairs of LEGO® fanatics fight it out in a high intensity building competition. Ryan McNaught will judge the show alongside Australian radio and TV personality, Hamish Blake, as host.
Lego Civic Type R

Honda Australia Director, Mr. Stephen Collins said, “Honda is a company that is all about creativity and innovation so it’s great to support a family show that mirrors these ideals so well. Through LEGO® MASTERS we’ll see some of the dreams of the contestants, and also fans, come to life – we’re proud to be helping drive that.”
Lego Civic Type R


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