Vauxhall Announces Corsa GSi Engine

Corsa GSi

There has been a bit of uncertainty surrounding the VXR brand following the PSA takeover of Vauxhall, and at this moment in time VXR looks to be in limbo. For the time being, buyers have got the new Corsa GSi to look forward, but until now the engine has yet to be revealed.

What’s under the bonnet?

That’s what you all want to know isn’t it? Well, let’s cut to the chase shall we; it’s a 1.4 litre turbocharged petrol that is able to offer 148bhp with 220Nm of torque. So it’s more a warm hatch than a hot hatch, but you don’t always need lots of power to have fun – the Subaru BRZ I’m testing at the moment is proof of this.

0-62 will come in in a respectable but not rapid 8.9 seconds, which is some way behind the VXR, but on the plus side, it does share the same chassis. This power is fed to a 6-speed manual gearbox, with a short ratio that’s able to propel this car from 50-70mph in 9.9 seconds when in fifth gear.

Corsa GSi

Sporty Looks

To help separate the GSi from cooking models, Vauxhall has fitted it with sports styling that makes it look rather VXR-esque. As well as the swollen bodykit, the GSi sports a rear spoiler and a chrome exhaust, naturally. Inside the cabin you’ll find the obligatory Recaro bucket seats plus leather steering wheel and aluminium sports pedals.

How much is it? When can I buy it?

Vauxhall is yet to announce a price, but the brand has stated that the new Corsa GSi will land in showrooms in September.


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