Top 3 Signs of Motorcycle Tire Wear and Tear

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Most motorheads like to spend a substantial amount of time riding their motorcycles, whether they’re simply driving to work or going on weekend-long trips. If you’re either one of these riders (or both), you’ve presumably seen the wear and tear on your tires that can come with such frequent use. Here are three of the top signs to look for that signal it might be time for tire replacements. offers plenty of high-quality, brand name motorcycle tires for sale that can get your ride back into tip-top shape.

The Depth of the Tread is Low

Motorcycle tires are made of a softer rubber than car tires, making them more agile for gripping the road. Due to this, however, motorcycle tire tread can wear down faster than your average tire. Per federal regulations, the tread is supposed to be 1/32″ to 2/32″ as a safety precaution, so measuring your tread is necessary for peace of mind.

The Age of the Tires is Past Five Years

As stated above, motorcycle tires have a shorter lifespan than other vehicle tires and should often be changed every five to ten years. Even if they still show tread, the rubber can harden by then, making them unsafe to ride on. If you’re in need of replacements, offers plenty of new styles and tread designs for you to choose from, as well as other OEM parts for motorcycles, at prices you can afford.

The Rubber Shows Cuts or Punctures

If you can easily spot knicks, cuts or punctures in your motorcycle tread, then it’s time to upgrade. Not only can these breaks in the solid tread pattern lead to unsafe driving, but it can slow the performance and quality of your ride, too.

When one or more of these signs show up on your motorcycle’s tires, opt for safety and greater performance by purchasing a new set of wheels from They have a wide assortment of motorcycle tires for sale that can spruce up your hog for the next big ride.


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