Ford Offers New Performance Parts For Its Hottest Models

New Ford Performance parts

Today, Ford Europe has announced it has some new Ford Performance parts available for owners of the Blue Oval’s hottest models, including the Focus RS. Available to buy now, these include exhaust systems, new styling options, and even a rally-inspired electronic handbrake approved by none other than Ken Block. Just imagine all the boring, rigorous testing that had to be done to make sure it worked properly…

What’s New?

Quite a bit in all honesty, with new Ford Performance parts available for the Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Focus RS, and the Mustang. Let’s start with the baby of the bunch, the Fiesta ST. There are new 10-spoke alloy wheels that are flow-formed rather than cast, meaning there is 15% less unsprung mass.

New Ford Performance parts

This results in better handling, in what is an already accomplished car when it comes to cornering. The same alloy options are also available for the Focus ST and the RS, and range from 17 to 19 inches dependent on the model. To compliment the alloys, you can specify an adjustable coilover strut and shock absorber kit, which drops the ride height by a juicy 40mm. For the Ford Mustang and Focus ST, rebound and compression stage damping can be further adjusted in up to 16 stages.

A new gearknob is available across the whole Ford Performance range, which features carbon fibre, because any weight saved is a good thing, right? The new range also offers a short shifter for the Mustang, which makes the gear shift 20% shorter – handy for those drag strip battles, or just getting away from the traffic lights a bit quicker…

New Ford Performance parts

Last but not least, you have the “Drift Stick” – an aluminium lever between the driver’s seat and manual transmission, which Ford says, “utilises the innovative, industry first Focus RS Drift Mode to deliver clutch-free drift turns very similar to the experience of a real rally car”. Ford is keen to stress this for track use only, and not your local roundabout…

New Ford Performance parts

Fancier A Noisier, Faster Mustang?

But what about noise? Don’t worry, because thanks to a partnership with Borla, the Mustang can be specified with a high-performance stainless steel exhaust system. Finished with either chrome or gloss black tailpipes, the system can be fitted to both the 2.3 litre variant and the 5.0 litre V8 model, with either a system that is road-legal, or one that is for track use only.

New Ford Performance parts

Speaking of the Mustang, Ford Performance is able to offer a supercharger kit made by Roush, a brand that certainly knows its way around Mustang tuning. Fit this to a V8 Mustang and you’ll find around 600bhp to play about with, which is compatible with both the 6-speed manual and the 6-speed automatic. There is also a Performance Calibration Power Pack, which is offered in three stages and is able to get the Mustang to hit the redline at 7,500rpm.

New Ford Performance parts

Tried and Tested

The new Performance range has been tried and tested at Ford’s proving ground as well as the ultimate test for any car, the Nurburgring. The range has been developed in conjunction with Roush, Borla, KW and Remus, and is all covered by the normal Ford warranty for peace of mind. So you can have your cake and eat it! The parts can be installed at your local Ford dealer by specially-trained technicians, so getting the parts fitted should be far from a hardship.

New Ford Performance parts

“Ford is synonymous with attainable performance. Ford Performance Parts will deliver even more satisfying driving experiences for enthusiasts,” said Fabio Carafa, vehicle personalisation director, Ford of Europe. “Ford Performance customers – some of the most competent and knowledgeable drivers out there – are telling us they want to further personalise the driving dynamics, performance and style of their vehicles. We’ve specifically developed our Ford Performance Parts portfolio to meet that need.”

The new Ford Performance range is available to buy now, so it’s not too late to put it on your Christmas list. You may want to clear some space underneath the Christmas tree though…

New Ford Performance parts


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