Mustang Grandpa

Ford Mustang

Getting to the grand age of 97 is quite an achievement, but how does one mark the occasion? You could have a big get together with your family, or perhaps an extra special trip to the bingo hall. These options didn’t seem to interest badass grandad Lennart Ribring from Sweden though, what he decided to do was to treat himself to a brand new V8 Ford Mustang.

Yes, this OAP has decided to splash out on a muscle car that is able to hit 62mph in 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. What a legend. Mr Ribring was one of the first people to purchase the original Mustang in Sweden back in the 60s and ever since then it has been a real love affair.

Ford Mustang

​​He picked the new Mustang up with his son Michael and he even captured the special moment on film stating; “My name is Lennart Ribring. I’m 97-years-old. I drive a 5.0-litre V8 Ford Mustang fastback and I’m really happy.” The video can be found here if you fancy watching it.

Mr Ribring is a retired businessman but he still likes to keep his hand in with a bit of part-time accountancy. So he is the last person you’d expect to be rocking up in one of these but you know what? Good on him.

Ford Mustang
Thumbs up: The new Mustang gets Lennart’s seal of approval and with good reason!

Commenting further on the momentous event Mr Ribring commented: “I fell in love with the first Mustangs that came out and I have hardly thought about another car since. You felt a bit like king of the road.” said Lennart. “I don’t have long to live now, maybe. So, I want to take the opportunities I have to drive and have a little fun in life. This is the real thing.”

On offering advice to young drivers, Mr Ribring commented: “I would encourage younger drivers to let their porridge cool down first. Learn about a car properly before you drive it. You must always think about safety.”

Lennart Ribring, I salute you!​​

Ford Mustang
Like a boss…


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