Audi Turns To The Dark Side

Audi Black Edition

Audi has enjoyed a fair bit of success with the Black Edition with the trim option now available on wide range of Audi model including the Q3, which has been converted to the dark side for the first time as of this month. Other models to enjoy this specification include the A3, TT, TTS, S3, S6 and S7 Sportback with prices ranging from £26,565 all the way through to £66,780.

What is Black Edition?

Ah, good question. As the name suggests you’ll be treated to a black styling package but it’s not just skin deep. Tinted windows are also thrown in as well as audio upgrades including either a BOSE or Bang and Olufsen sound system depending on which model you opt for. The A3 and S3 (hatch) Black Edition gets special 18” alloy wheels whereas the S3 Saloon Black Edition gets slighter bigger alloys in the form of 19 inches.

Audi Black Edition

The TT and TTS Black Edition also get 19” alloys plus a more powerful wind deflector on the roadster models so you can enjoy the wind in your hair without it blowing all over the place. Handy if you have a wig then. The Q3 makes its Black Edition debut and is also fitted with 19” alloys along with metallic paint that comes as standard.

Last but not least are the S6 and the S7 Sportback which come with 20” and 21” alloy wheels respectively as well as a flat-bottomed multi-function steering and the other styling details found in the Black Edition models. So would you put all your money on black or is it a bit too much for you?


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