BAC Mono Sets New Evo Record

BAC Mono

The guys and gals at BAC must be very pleased with themselves as the Mono has now set a new evo magazine record. The lightweight track-orientated sportscar is now able to boast the fastest ever time recorded for a road-legal car to be tested at the Anglesey Costal Circuit.

Breaking records

Piloting the Mono on this record-breaking run was evo magazine’s Richard Meaden who was able to set a time of 1:0.70, beating hypercar McLaren P1 by exactly a second. This wasn’t just any P1 though, this was the GTR version, which is even faster than the standard 987bhp model.

Not bad for a car which is fitted with Ford’s 2.5 litre Duratec four-cylinder engine. Ok, it’s been tuned by Mountune to deliver 305bhp but it’s still impressive, given that the P1 GTR costs far much more. The lack of weight is where the Mono excels – it weighs just 580kg, so make sure you watch what you eat before you get in to it!

BAC Mono

​​It’s not the first time the Mono has excelled though, it once topped the Top Gear leaderboard and it also set the fastest-ever time for the Goodwood Festival of Speed Roadcar Hill Climb last year. It was also able to beat a Ferrari 458 Speciale by nine seconds around Hungaroring.

BAC Mono

​​BAC co-founder and Design Director Ian Briggs said: “What an incredible feat this is for BAC. The Mono has proved time and time again that it can compete with the best in the business, and its remarkable lap at Anglesey has made it a true pace icon. It also proves that the Mono drives as good as it looks – this is a wonderful lap time from a wonderful car.”

Record-breaking driver Richard Meaden from evo said: “Driving the Mono is a quite amazing experience. From the way you climb in to the car to how connected you feel with the road in the single-seat position, you have to constantly remind yourself that you’re in a road car when behind the wheel. Every lap that went by in Anglesey, I got to grips with the hugely impressive Mono more and more. The record lap felt very quick, but even I was shocked by just how quick it was. Beating the McLaren P1 GTR by that big a margin is simply staggering.”

BAC Mono


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