The New Grand Tour Trailer Is Here


Morning all. The chances are you may not have seen the new trailer for The Grand Tour as it dropped overnight and my word, it looks pretty good. Now often things don’t live up to their hype (see Batman vs Superman for details) but I really think The Grand Tour will be as good as it looks so far. If you don’t want the spoilers then watch the video before reading below.¬†

This new trailer is longer than the teaser trailer posted a few days ago and see the troublesome trio in usual mix of supercars, tyre smoke and chaos. The clip starts with a ‘broken’ James May climbing out of an old convertible before we see some brief shots of the three entering their tent.

Later in the video we see clips of the clash we are all simply dying to see – the LaFerrari, P1 and 918 showdown. We are then ‘treated’ to Clarkson in a linen suit and then another clip of him trying to pull a camel on to a ramp. No idea what is going on there but I cannot wait to see how that situation came about.

The clip ends with Jezza trying to set of an Aston Martin Vulcan, and failing. He may have stalled but it looks like the new series is all go, go, go and word simply cannot say how much I am looking forward to this. Although this may have come under bad¬†circumstances – the infamous ‘fracas – I think this fresh start will be a good thing for Clarkson, Hammond and May as their era of Top Gear was waning a little bit.


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