LaFerrari Goes Topless

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta
Black and red? I like. I like a lot...

As you may have seen earlier year Ferrari had plans to take the top of the LaFerrari. Well, they were more than plans as the Italian brand released some teaser pics of the stunning new droptop. It’s called the LaFerrari Aperta and a limited number will be made to make Ferrari’s 70th anniversary.

Now taking the top of a car is not easy, even for big firms like Ferrari. Losing a fixed roof means losing strength, so as a result the rest of the car needs to be beefed up to make sure it doesn’t end up like jelly. To make sure it’s just as edgy as it’s coupé sibling, the team at the Ferrari drafted in extra carbon fibre to give more strength whilst keeping the extra weight down.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

​​Yes, inevitably the weight has gone up a little but the Aperta has been able to keep its butterfly opening doors (although the opening angle is slightly different). You’ll also still be able to enjoy the 949bhp offered by the V12 engine and 120kW electric motor combination as well so the extra weight gain isn’t all bad is it? Top speed remains the same at 220mph with 62mph over and done with in under three seconds.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

​​Going back to the roof – it’s offered in softtop although there is a choice of a carbon fibre hardtop if you’d prefer. Ferrari has also made a conscious effort to ensure the droptop offers the same styling as the coupé and its been able to do it almost to the letter, the only thing that is a bit different is the waistline that has been modified.

One question remains though – the coupé or the convertible? Talk amongst yourselves..


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