This Dog Certainly Had Its Day!


The internet is a great thing, especially when you happen to stumble upon great videos from other parts of the world. What you’re about to see is rather incredible.

So, picture the scene, there is a rally taking place – location unknown – and a DOG just happens to stroll on to the track. Completely casual, as if nothing or no-one is around. Before you know it, you hear a Spanish voice shouting out something about a ‘perro’ – that’s Spanish for dog in case you didn’t know.

The mood suddenly becomes tense as the dog seems to be rather happy where it is and has no idea of the impending danger it’s about to face. The next thing you know, a Mitsubishi Evo is coming around the corner and at this point you’ll probably thinking ‘oh crap’.

The dog picks up a bit of steam as it runs off but even this you feel won’t be enough to save it. However, by complete blind luck the Evo hits a jump and sails straight over the dog before landing back on to the dirt and carrying on. The dog comes out completely unhurt and then appears to be chasing the car.

I thought it was cats that were meant to have nine lives….


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