Can You Read A Number Plate From 20 Metres?


It is a good question, isn’t it? Since the day you passed your driving test, have you ever tested to see if you can read a reg plate from 20 meters? I know I haven’t

My Car Check Test Their Office Employees In The Car Park

To help raise awareness around the importance of having the required vision for driving My Car Check took their Stockport HQ office out into the car park to test everyone’s vision. They measured out 20 meters and then checked to see if everyone could read a reg plate. 

Mark Bailey, Head of CDL Vehicle Information Systems, which owns, said: “While discussing the shocking new 5% statistic, it emerged that only a few of our team had tried the 20m vision check since passing their driving tests, so we headed out into the car park to try it. Pleasingly, even though it was raining at our Stockport HQ, everyone got the reg spot on. It was a quick and easy team exercise with potentially huge road safety benefits and we urge others to give it a go.”

It Is A Simple Test That Helps Save Lives

Vision checks for driving aren’t often things that we think about, but the reality of the matter is that around 5% of the people on the road don’t have the vision that is up to the standard required to drive safely. In fact, between 1 March and 20 August 2018, West Midlands Police checked the vision of 81 motorists as part of Operation Close Pass, a campaign to protect cyclists from dangerous overtakes. 4 of the 81 couldn’t read a car registration from approx 20m.

Vision, Driving and The Law

In the UK, the law requires that you are able to read a post-2001 number plate in good daylight from 20m, this check is carried out when you pass your test, but it is never retested. 

Your driving licence automatically expires at 70, but to get a new one you just need to reapply. There is no driving test to retake, it is just the process of filling a form in. However, if you have a medical condition that you think might affect your driving, then you are recommended to get assessed. You can either get assessed through a local driver assessment scheme or through a mobility centre.


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