Nissan Releases Pictures For Facelift 370Z Coupe

Nissan Facelift 370Z

Japanese brand Nissan has today revealed pictures of the updated 370Z Coupe, which is now home to NISMO styling, new alloys, a new colour, plus a new high-performance clutch.

Giving you NIS-MOre

As you would expect from a new model, the exterior styling has been tweaked, meaning that you now get black door handles, black fascia on the rear bumper, plus dark-tinted front and rear lights, features that were only previously available on the NISMO model. 19″ alloys are also installed on the MY18 370Z and there is a new colour available; Red Metallic. Blimey, it must have taken them ages to come up with the name for that one. It’s a nice colour though, I’ll give it that much.

Nissan 370Z

The upgrades aren’t just visual of course though. There is now a new EXEDY high-performance clutch in the manual version, which will allow the driver to perform downshifts with great precision. Couple this with the optimum weight distribution and a refined suspension setup, and you should have a motor that could well tempt you away from a hot hatch of a similar cost.

What’s The Spec?

Speaking of cost, the new 370Z will start from £29,185 (on sale now) and will include features such as 7″ touchscreen, sat nav, a DVD player (weirdly) and a rear view camera. You’ll also get the 3.7 litre V6 engine that is able to pump out a respectable 324bhp. This power is fed to the rear wheels with either a 6-speed manual, or a 7-speed automatic. It will crack 62mph in under five and a half seconds, and the top speed is 155mph.

Ryan Gains, Chief Marketing Manager, C-Segment and Sports Cars, Nissan Europe, commented: “For nearly half a century, Nissan’s Z-car series has built a cult following with sports car fans with a passion for performance and quality. The Nissan 370Z MY18 remains true to this legacy, further elevating driving dynamics and classic design to new levels.”

Nissan 370Z



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