New Feature: Cars And Their Owners

Getting ready to hit the tarmac at Cadwell Park

So last weekend saw the new feature of Weekend Window Shopping and this weekend Car Obsession brings another new feature: Cars and their Owners. What is it about? Well as the name suggests it’s about cars and their owners but don’t worry, the cars won’t be boring. Let’s face it, you have very little desire to hear about Doris from down the road and her 15 year old Micra.

​Having said that we kick off with a fairly regular car but for me it’s a special one. It’s my car, a 2006 Seat Ibiza FR.

Vital Statistics

  • Make: Seat
  • Model: Ibiza FR
  • Year: 2006
  • Priced paid: £3,500
  • Engine: 1.8 litre 20V four-cylinder petrol
  • Power: 147bhp
  • 0-62 time: 8.1 seconds
  • Top speed: 134mph
  • Gearbox: Five-speed manual
  • Torque: 220Nm
  • Drivetrain: Front-wheel
  • MPG: 35mpg
  • CO2 emissions: 187g/km

What does it have?

As you would expect from a hot hatch it has a sportier bodykit, alloy wheels, double exhaust pipe as well as a rear spoiler. Other features include climate control, electric front and rear windows, CD player, traction control, front fog lights, electric wing mirror and sports seats.

How long have I owned it and why did I buy it?

I’ve owned the FR for about 1 and a half years an I bought because I was bored of my 1.2 Renault Clio, I wanted something sportier. I did look at the Mk1 Fiesta ST but decided against it as I felt the interior looked dated plus the 2.0 litre engine would have pushed my insurance up. I would have liked a Golf GTI but I wasn’t able to get a decent one in my budget. I then turned my attention to the Ibiza FR and the rest as they say is history.

What work have I put into it?

Well not much to be honest, since I’ve had it all I’ve really replaced are the brakes, the farside front tyre and recently had the cambelt replaced. Other than the car that the car is as I bought it although I will be looking to put a few performance parts in it over time as I occasionally take it on track days.

Racing down one of the straights at Cadwell Park

What do I like most about it?

The power! This may not be the fastest – or best – hot hatch money can buy but even so the FR has a good level of power. The quoted 0-62mph time is 8.1 seconds but I have been able to get it faster than that so the car certainly moves. I love the whoosh of the turbo as the revs climb and the surge of power that comes with it.

I also love the way how it’s understated so a few drivers underestimate what it can do. I remember once on a trackday one driver said he thought he was easily going to overtake me in his SAAB but found himself unable to get get passed. The styling may be a little tame but I quite like it, it looks rather brutish and purposeful.

You may notice the left foglight grille is gone, I still have no idea when or where that came off..

​​What don’t I like about it?

The engine makes a nice noise but I wish the car was a little louder although I’d be reluctant to fit a sports exhaust on it as don’t want it to come across too boy racer. The gearbox only has five gears so it’s not as economical or refined as it could be on the motorway plus I feel the actual gearstick could provide a shorter throw. Lastly I’d want more supportive seats as I found that on a track they don’t hold you in place that well.

What is the most memorable drive?

Boy that is a difficult question, I have taken this car on some fantastic drives! I recently drove it on Cadwell Park and that was a truly fantastic drive, as was the first drive home after I bought it. But I think it has to be my first ever trackday at Snetterton last year. It was the first time I had been able to let the car off the leash properly and see what it was capable of. A truly memorable drive which is why it has to take the prize.

The car bears the stickers of the tracks it has graced – there are more to come though.

What will I buy next?

Well to be honest that is not something I’ve given a lot of though to as I will be sad to part with the FR. Plus my next car will be a way off as I have plans for the FR, I want to drive it around all of the MSV race circuits before taking on the gargantuan Nurburgring for my 30th birthday (I’m 26 now). The only problem is that I don’t think I will want to part with the car after such a long journey but I think the German circuit will provide a decent swansong. I imagine my next car will definitely be a hot hatch though, that I do know.

If you fancy getting your car featured or you just want an excuse to show it off, get in touch with the site with your contact details and why you think your car deserves to be included.



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