How Businesses Can Promote Safe Driving Among Their Employees


Driving is a privilege, not a right. To keep it, you must protect everyone on the road by promoting and practicing safe driving.

Fail to do this and you might lose money through road fines, business through license suspensions or lives through reckless driving. None of these are acceptable.

In this article, we’ve covered three ways your business can promote safer driving behaviours. Read them, understand them and implement them to help promote safe driving.

Use Telematics Devices To Record Staff Driving Behaviours

Telematics devices use sensors, instrumentation and wireless technology to record data on driving behaviour. The three driving behaviours recorded by telematics devices are speed, cornering and braking. You can use this data to promote safer driving among your staff.

Fitting a telematics device in your vehicles allows you to see how fast your staff are driving, how sharply they’re taking corners and how harshly they’re braking.

If any of your staff are guilty of any bad habits in these three behaviours, you can implement safer driving practices, by introducing training to tackle the issues with their driving.

Using telematics is a great way to promote safer driving behaviours. Find out more about how it can be useful and then decide which installation option you want to opt for — you can either self-install a device or get one professionally fitted.

Reward Your Employees For Taking The Pass Plus Test

Pass Plus is an additional driving test for people who have their full license. It’s a test that’s geared towards safe driving and it’s something that can make your employees more attentive when they’re behind the wheel.

Taking the Pass Plus tests your staff on three safe driving characteristics:

These are all things that can lead to accidents, so getting your drivers to refresh and prove their competence in these areas gives you the reassurance of knowing they can drive safely.

Getting your drivers to take the Pass Plus can make them safer on the road. Learn more about how they can take the course and then decide which staff members to prioritise — you’ll want every driver to pass the test but there may be some who are a higher priority.

Have A Clear Policy On What Good/Bad Driving Habits Are

A policy on what good/bad driving habits are is a document that sets out the expectations you have for your staff. It’s a reference point for both you and them, one that should be kept up-to-date and distributed throughout your business.

Having a clear policy on driving standards promotes safe driving in a way that benefits both your company and your employees.

For your business, it helps you avoid a series of hefty and damaging costs, from paying out insurance claims to dealing with the fallout from the loss of reputation. For your staff, it helps them to get safely from A to B without having an accident.

Putting a clear policy in place for good/bad driving habits shouldn’t take you long. Discover how these standards are defined and then decide the order in which to list them — you should insist your drivers abide by all of them but may wish to highlight the key ones.

Using telematics devices to record data on driving behaviour, getting your drivers to take the Pass Plus and putting in place a policy that outlines good/bad driving habits are all great ways to promote safe driving habits. 

It might be that you’re doing one or more of these things, it might be that you’re doing none. But the point is that introducing all three of them to your business will make your drivers (and by extension your company) safer.

So, make these three recommendations an important part of your business today and help protect your drivers, your company and other road users.


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