The Best Accessories For Off-Roading


Hitting the trail and leaving deep tracks wherever you go: these are just a couple of the joys of owning a 4WD. With these vehicles, you can go almost everywhere without getting stuck, and you can also get a lot of work done. Before running through the mud and dirt, equip your truck with the right accessories for a better experience.

Mud Flaps

Though they seem unassuming, mud flaps are a crucial off-road accessory to have whether you’re driving through the gravel or the mud. These simple accessories are easily installed on the rear and front of your truck, protecting its body from debris. While the mud flaps on the front provide protection from flying rocks, the rear mud flaps protect vehicles and trailers that are behind you. When choosing mud flaps to go with your EGR flares, be sure to get some that are the same width as your tyres or even a bit wider.

Suspension Lift Kit

Lifting your vehicle higher from the ground gives it more clearance from the rough terrain below. A lift kit is an important accessory if you decide to go off-road. With additional ground clearance, you can go rock crawling or mudding without fear of bottoming out. When they’re properly installed, lift kits give you a good excuse to put bigger wheels and tyres on your truck, too.

Off-Road Ready Wheels And Tyres

An off-road wheel and tyre package offers more advantages than the OEM set that came with your truck. Larger tyres absorb bumps as you’re rolling over tough terrain, and they offer additional traction in the sand and mud. Off-road wheels are built for durability, offering much more strength than factory wheels.


If you’re going off-road, it’s a good idea to have a winch. Adding this important accessory reduces your chances of getting stuck in the mud. Some of today’s winches come with a remote control, which allows you to operate them whether you’re outside or inside of your vehicle. With their heavy cables, winches allow drivers to pull their trucks out of some sticky situations.

Front Grille Guards

Hamer bull bars and other front-end guards are handy for several reasons. First, they provide a great place to mount lights for better nighttime vision. Second, they protect the vehicle’s front end from damage caused by obstacles. Finally, these guards give trucks a more rugged look. They’re available in a range of styles and finishes to complement your vehicle and your other accessories.

Better Parts Provide A Better Off-Roading Experience

Get your vehicle ready for another off-road experience our performance accessories. Whether it’s a bed cover or a stainless steel snorkel, we have the right aftermarket parts for your off-road vehicle. Though off-roading is fun by itself, the right accessories can make it even better. Browse our online selection or call today for more details.


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