4 Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Modifying Your Car


There are many car enthusiasts out there who find the temptation to customize their car totally irresistible. They see their cars as an empty canvas, and nothing gives them greater satisfaction than customizing their vehicle according to their liking.

If you’re new to the idea of car modification, you’re in for a lot of surprises. Where the task of modifying your car can be very entertaining, it can also get frustrating at times. To assists you with the whole customization and alteration process, here are four things that you must consider before going for it.

It Is Going To Cost You Some Money

Buying a car is itself a very expensive ordeal. It is likely that you won’t have much cash left in your budget. Customizing your car may make it look and work beyond your expectations, but it may come with a lot of hidden costs. For example, if you go for an engine modification, you might have to pay for premium fuel everytime you got to the gas station. This will greatly increase your fuel consumption and cost. To make sure that you don’t regret going for modifications for the rest of your life, expect an increase in your montly expenses.

Safety Concerns

While making adjustments to your car may look visually aesthetic, they might not be as safe for the road as they look. You might be surprised to learn that there are a lot of modifications that can get you in trouble with the traffic police just because of their safety concerns. There have been several incidents where improper installation or faulty parts have been the cause of accidents. Before going for any alteration, you must make sure that the dealer you choose is an experienced professional who knows what he is doing.

You Might Have To Pay Extra For Insurance Premium

Where most visual modifications will not affect your insurance premium, there are some which can have a huge impact on it. For example, if you have added new a nitrous system or made engine improvements, insurance companies might charge you extra as the likelihood of an accident increases.

If you are looking for the best modified insurance companies, Brentacre modified car insurance is a great option. They allow you to add any cosmetic modifications to your car without the premiums being effected. Compared against other companies in the UK, this is fairly unique.

It Can Affect Your Warranty

If you have paid extra for an extended warranty, it is best if you don’t go for car modification. While body paints and other visual modifications are nothing to worry about, if you modify your car’s engine, transmission system, or tires, it can affect your warranty claim.

In case of an accident or a faulty function, the car manufacturer will most likely blame it on your modifications and deny your warranty claim. It is better to resist modification temptations until your warranty expires, after which you can let your inner artist express itself through your car.


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