Luxury For Less: BMW Used Car Leasing


The BMW is as popular as ever; it is still a luxury car, but it is a luxury you can afford. A lot of that is down to the market savvy that BMW has shown in developing a range that appeals to everyone, but the accessibility of a BMW can also be pinpointed to the many ways the driver can get his or her hands on the wheel.

Yes, you probably know that car leasing is much cheaper than car buying, but did you also know that there are many options to lease a used BMW, and make your motoring even cheaper?

What is BMW used car leasing?

Used car leasing is where pre-owned cars are put back onto the lease market, and typically this would involve a car that has undergone just one lease contract of one, two or three years. So the car is still relatively new, and in terms of BMWs, you know they are built to last, so even a used BMW will represent great value for money and offer you as many years of happy motoring as you want.

BMW used car leasing is a way of driving luxury for less, because the majority of a car’s depreciation occurs in the first year of its life. So at the end of an initial lease period of between one and three years, a BMW will still be in great condition but it will have reduced considerably in value, and that is where you can take advantage. And the lease market means you can drive a much better spec of BMW for the same money you would have to spend on a monthly finance payment if you were buying a BMW, and even if you were leasing a brand new BMW.

Why are used BMWs so popular?

Traditionally, the BMW combines a great driving experience with the best engineering, a stylish interior, a powerful engine and a spacious and comfortable journey for everyone. While the BMW range has evolved over the years, it has largely stuck to these principles. As a result, both new and used BMWs are very popular, and there are now plenty of models to choose from to suit every budget, such as the X-series, the i3 or the Z4. With a bit of shopping around the car insurance may not be as much as you might think.

People’s opinions of cars differs, and of course people’s requirements from a car differs, but the BMW’s enduring popularity comes from having qualities that appeal to the majority. Such as:

  • Dependable branding – a reputation built on years of popularity.
  • Ultimate performance – a car capable of delivering on different terrains.
  • Durability – a manufacturer that builds long-lasting vehicles that require little maintenance and represent great value for money.   
  • A design classic – whatever the model, it looks beautiful both inside and out and offers an instant sign of status.
  • Always improving – the BMW is a classic brand but it is innovative with in-car tech and performance and is always looking to get better.

Which BMWs are best for used car leasing?

The 1 Series Sports Hatch is a great exec car for used car leasing, while the 2 Series Active Tourer or Coupe also offers some benefits as a crossover vehicle, or a family car that represents great value for money on the used car leasing market. 

Elsewhere, the 4 Series Gran Coupe ticks all the boxes as a luxury BMW, while still offering some affordable prices, and the 5 Series saloon is the ultimate exec car offering good fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions also.

Why should I go for BMW used car leasing?

Ultimately, the BMW is one of the best used cars to go for, as it retains all its performance qualities after a couple of years of use, but offers a bargain price to the motorist. BMWs are famously reliable, but you still have the option of shopping around to find an age and mileage that you are totally comfortable with. That is the beauty of the pre-owned or used car leasing market. You are in charge and you can take great benefit from being flexible.

Most car leasing companies hand-pick the best cars for the used car leasing market, and anything made available will have been fully serviced and maintained ready for you. Not only that, BMW used cars will be available now for you to drive away. So you can get luxury for less, and you can be driving it much sooner than you expected too.


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