Experts Reveal How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

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Seeing as it's got an SUV flair, it'd be rude not to get it a a bit dirty. Just as well it comes with mud and snow tyres.

How often do you think about your tires when performing maintenance and safety checks? Do you take the extra time when cleaning your vehicle to care of your ties to extend their shelf life? The national average cost for four new tires is $637 and, in some areas, can cost more than $800. For most American families, it is a significant investment to enhance driver safety and vehicle performance. Here’s what tire experts reveal about how to make your tires last longer. 

Routine Maintenance

Tire inspections must be a part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance and safety check. Tire shop mechanics will also have an opportunity to inspect your brakes, wheel mechanisms and steering system. If you are unsure of who in your area performs these tasks, you will find the right specialist by searching for a tire shop near me open now to deliver these vital services.  

Tire shop consultants will also help you perform other maintenance repairs such as alignments and tire rotations that will ensure your vehicle is operating at its peak performance level. You also hold the most significant responsibility to inspect your tires visually at least once a month. Looking for low tread and low air pressure will help drivers feel safer and confident on the road.

When performing a visual tire inspection, you can complete the penny test for an accurate tire tread measurement or look for wear and tear, damage or aging. If you have recently driven on rough roads that have potholes or debris, check for things like bubbles, cracks and cuts. If your tire tread is nearing the 2/32 of an inch measurement, you will need to think about a replacement soon.

Rotations and Alignment Checks Are Essential

Proper tire repairs also help extend a tire’s shelf life. Having tire rotations, tire balancing and wheel alignments will also help stabilize your tires because of the disruption of wearing tread. Tire experts recommend that you rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles by switching the front and rear tires and get an alignment to make sure your vehicle is driving in a conventional pattern.

Your owner’s manual will provide you with your vehicle model’s recommended maintenance plan and tire experts recommend you replace your tires every three to four years, depending on the tread. You will also want to avoid allowing your tires to age as they can be just as hazardous to your driving safety as tread deterioration. Maintenance adds about 5,000 miles to its lifespan.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

The next most crucial step after maintenance is tire pressure. Not keeping your tires inflated to their recommended pounds per square inch (PSI) will also shorten their lifespan by a 25 percent. It also saves on gas mileage by a dime a gallon. You would think these are reasons enough to keep your tires inflated properly, but only about two out of 10 drivers even check their air pressure regularly.

Keeping tires maintained will keep drivers much safer and a vehicle’s health in optimal shape. It’s the only way to ensure that tires last longer. You’ll also get more mileage from their usage.


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