Using Your Phone Behind The Wheel? Bad Call!


We have all been there. The phone goes off while you are driving and you pick it up and answer. Normally, the call goes well, the phone goes down, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. However, just because it didn’t cause a crash doesn’t mean it isn’t unsafe. New regulations regarding the use of mobile phones while driving are stringent for this reason. After all, a £200 spot fine and 6 points on your licence are more than a slap on the wrists. As a driver, it is your responsibility to avoid the temptation as much as possible. Here are the tips which will help.

Put It On Silent

One simple solution is to turn off the ringer. Hopefully, this should stop you from noticing the call in the first place. And, if you don’t know your mobile is ringing, you won’t want to pick it up. But, it has to be on silent because the noise of a vibration can be just as enticing. This method works well for the drivers who don’t even think about their phone while they are behind the wheel. As long as you are not the type of person to initiate a text or a call, it can be effective.

Connect It To The Stereo

Using a hand-held phone is illegal across the board in 2017, but you can use it hands-free. All you have to do is connect the mobile to the speaker system and talk through the radio. The first port of call is to ensure you have the technology in your car, so you will need to speak to a car audio centre representative. Also, double check your phone has Bluetooth even though every smartphone does these days. Once you have everything you need, turn on the Bluetooth and follow the simple instructions.

Use Distracted Driving Tech

Like all savvy entrepreneurs, businessmen and women have come up with a solution. One example is Cellcontrol, but there is a variety of rivals on the market. This particular app eliminates the ability to talk while driving as it locks the phone for the duration of the journey. All you have to do is fix the device to the windscreen and open the app. Then, the technology will take over so that you can concentrate on the steering wheel. Of course, in the interest of safety, you must set it up before you start the engine. However, this makes it virtually impossible to send a text or make a call.

Put It In The Glove Box

Some people would say leave your phone at home, but the average person can’t go two minutes without checking their messages. Plus, a mobile is a great tool to have in case of a breakdown or an accident. The alternative is to put it out of reach and make it hard to access it while driving. For instance, some drivers put their phone in the boot. Another tip is to put it in the glove box and lock it.

Avoiding temptation while driving is not difficult, but it does require you to be proactive.


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