The Ultimate Gifts for Petrol Heads


Do you have a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or well any kind of celebration coming up for someone you know that is a die-hard petrol head? Well, we have just the ticket for the best gifts for anyone you know that is obsessed with cars. Read on for our ultimate gifts for car fanatics.

Luxury Car Hire

So let’s say that you are looking for the ultimate gift for your husband. Why not hire a luxury car for a day so that he can spend a day cruising around feeling like motor royalty. Luxury car hire is not as out of reach as it used to be and could be just the ticket you’re looking for to really treat your loved one to a top day of driving around in one of his dream cars.

Better still why not organise a day somewhere really special, like a beautiful part of the countryside, with majestic driving roads, or plan a route where you can pass through some beautiful towns and cities where you can stop for a slap up lunch or a spot of sightseeing before jumping back into the dream mobile to carry on with your dream driving experience.

A Day at a Racing Track

This has got to be one of the best gifts for anyone with a passion for fast cars. Buying tickets for yourself and your husband, or even splashing out on a handful of tickets for your husband and his friends to go to a day at a race track could be just the present you are looking for.

Look into the different races that are going on around your local area, and when we say local, we mean within a 100-200 mile radius as you will probably have to travel a little to find a race track with any interesting races going on. Then, if you don’t know anything about cars and racing yourself, do a bit of research, or ask around, for the racing events that you think your husband would be most excited about.

It’s worth bearing in mind that no trip to a race track is complete without a visit to the pit lane, but this will not be included in basic ticket price. Therefore when you look at tickets make sure that you try to get a ticket that includes a pit pass so that your husband can have an access-all-areas pass and can experience the most exciting part of the track.

Racing a Sports Car

One step up from a day watching the races will inevitably be a day actually racing a sports car around a circuit. If racing a sports car around a racing track is on your husbands bucket list then this is definately the best gift for you to invest in. It has never been so easy to organise a racing car experience as there are an extensive range of companies now that allow people to sit inside a sports car and open them up on the race track. So if this is something that you think would put a huge smile on your hubbies face then jump online and see what packages and options are available and where your nearest race track is.


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