Top 5 Ways to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle


Riding a motorcycle is a thrill. The open road can seem like it’s calling you and the only way to scratch that itch is to jump on your bike and go for a ride. However, riding a motorcycle is one of the most dangerous forms of transport. There have many incidents where people have been miraculously unhurt in car crashes after being protected by the vehicle or its air bag. The same cannot be said for motorcycling. If a motorcyclist is in a crash, it’s unlikely the rider will escape uninjured. So, how can you protect yourself while riding a motorcycle?

Protective Gear

The most obvious precaution to take while using a motorcycle is to wear all of the protective gear you need. This includes a helmet, gloves, protective clothing like motorcycle jackets, trousers and boots. You should never attempt to ride a motorcycle without wearing protective gear. You are breaking the law to ride without a helmet and the clothing ensures you are protected in the event of an accident. Leather is the best material for keeping you warm while riding and preventing breakages in the skin if you were to fall.

Stay Alert

The same rules apply when you’re driving any kind of vehicle. You must never drive after drinking alcohol. If you’re uncertain how much you can legally drink before driving, don’t drink at all. The same goes for any kind of pain killers or medicine that could make you drowsy. If it inhibits your senses, you put yourself and others at risk. This is why doctors don’t allow patients to drive after local or general anaesthetics.


Tyres, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis and Stands. It’s important to maintain your bike for it to be roadworthy. Looking after your bike will make it less likely that you’ll have an accident. Check your tyres before every journey and regularly check your controls, lights and oil. Putting money aside to make sure your bike is serviced properly will also give you peace of mind.

Don’t Race

Being a motorcyclist means you have a lot of power at your command. You’re able to go faster than most other vehicles on the road, and your size means you can nip through traffic without having to queue. However, being the fastest on the road also puts you in the most danger. Don’t drive fast just because you can. It’s important to be cautious about your speed and where you decide to take over other traffic. It’s easy for cars to miss you in their blind spots, so it’s your job to have eyes everywhere.

Emergency Stop

The majority of the time, your rides will be nothing but pleasant. But, there may come days where other irresponsible drivers almost cause an accident. In these times, you need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to protect yourself. Do you know how to stop in an emergency? It’s a lot more complicated than doing it in a car. Once the balance has gone in your wheels, it’s unlikely you’ll regain it.


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