Compact Safety For A Tiny Price: The Skoda Citigo Hatchback


For years, Smart Cars have been all the craze. These tiny little vehicles are great for getting around cities when you’re on a budget. Loads of manufacturers have their own small cars, which fit into the same category. But, for the most part, these get ignored. But, if you care about reliability and safety; you won’t want to ignore the Skoda Citigo. Coming it with a tiny price tag, this little car could be the perfect option for you. It’s particularly good for people who are driving for the first time. But, that’s enough of that. Now, it’s time to see what makes this little motor tick. So, let’s get started.

The car comes in a wide variety of flavours. But, all of them feature a 1.0L engine. To some, that will sound tiny. But, in a car this small; you don’t need anything huge to power it. Instead, you can rely on something much smaller. All of the models run on petrol. And, you can choose between manual and automatic at most of the tiers. Of course, it isn’t exactly a fast car. The little machine will hit 60 in just over 14 seconds. So, it could be the perfect car for concerned parents to be buying their kids. The car has been awarded 5* NCAP ratings in the past. And, along with this, you can choose to have automatic collision detection installed. This will hit the brakes for you; if you’re going to hit something.

Now, let’s take a look at the futures. As standard, the inside of your Citigo will be fairly basic. You will have a radio, heaters, speakers, and not much else. But, if you’re willing to spend just a little extra; you can have loads more added to your car. Skoda’s packs include things like heated seats, a trip computer, electric mirrors, and parking sensors. And, these will make the small car feel much fancier than it otherwise would. These added features don’t add much to the overall price of the car. But, in the future, you could make this money back when it comes to selling the car second hand.

The price of this car ranges between £8,500 and £11,500, according to Skoda. So, you should be able to pick one of these cars up nice and cheap. With this, you will get a warranty, and you probably won’t have to pay to book an MOT for a while; because it will be included. But, you should always make sure you’re aware of when this is due. This car has been heralded for it’s reliability. So, it’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll have any issues with the car. But, if you do; it’s easy to find a Skoda registered garage to get the work done for you. This will ensure Skoda parts are used.
Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what you get if you choose something like the Skoda Citigo over the Smart Car. Cars can be hard items to be sure about. So, it’s worth doing plenty of research before you decide to buy anything.


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